Brenda Quinn
Brenda Quinn's Fundraiser

Give a Low-Income Student a Real Chance at a College Education!

Only 14% of students from low-income backgrounds complete college.

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We would like to create a better life for a local, low-income student by sponsoring a college scholarship through Education First.

Education First is different. They don't target students with a perfect GPA. Other scholarships do that. Rather, they find students who have overcome significant obstacles and are determined to make a better life for themselves and their families. Their scholars are often the first in their families to graduate from college and are setting the example for their siblings to do the same. Education First has been providing scholarships in Denver since 1995 and already partners with Windermere offices in Seattle.

Education First does more than write checks. They also provide their students with a professional college coach to ensure graduation.

Please join our efforts and donate by 5/15 so we can present our student with their award.

Brenda Quinn

Foundation Representative | Windermere Real Estate- Metro Denver

Source: Family Income and the College Completion Gap, Alanna Bjorklund-Young, March 10, 2016. John Hopkins, School of Education- Institute for Education Policy.